Jamie’s Italian


My husband had to be out for something in early evening so would not time to cook dinner, so we decided to go to Jamie’s Italian for dinner.



We shared Arrancino for a starter.  It doesn’t taste very Italian but outside is very crispy and light so I like them.  We shared them but I could happily eat the whole thing.



My husband had a burger, he enjoyed it very much.



I had Spaghetti Puttanesca without anchovy in a starter size.  It is rather small and I regretted I didn’t order the main size but I find their starter size too small and the main size too big.



Then we shared Molten Chocolate Cake.  We waited for quite a long time and when it came it wasn’t warm as it should be, it was a little warmer than room temperature but the melted chocolate had gone more solid, we guessed it was sitting around for too long.  It still tasted good but we know it’s nicer if the inside is warm and melting.



With a bottle of sparkling water and a carafe of Chianti red wine (500ml) the bill was S$192.

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