Hoi An Trip / Day 1 / Transfer & Hotel


Because of the timing of the flights, my sister left Hoi An last night  (a little after the date changed) to go back to Kansai, Japan, and she arrived safely this morning.  I took a flight a little before midday and arrived back to Singapore around 3.30pm.  I’d love to talk to my husband about everything about Hoi An but he left for Taiwan on business today, so sad!


I’ll write about Hoi An taking time but we had a great time, nothing went wrong and it was quite relaxing.  My sister doesn’t have much English and hasn’t travelled much in overseas so I’m in charge or making arrangements and making sure all goes well, so I felt the responsibility strongly and am very relieved nothing went wrong.


We did have a lot of problems with my sister’s flights before we left for the holiday, though.  She booked the flights very early with JetStar but Some time in December they sent her an email telling her they will not be flying from Japan to Vietnam for a few months – including the dates when she would be flying – so they will put her on Vietnam Airlines instead.  We did do what we were told to do but she didn’t get any confirmation for a long long time and there were a few issues.  Also, the flight she booked on Jet Star from Hoi An to Kansai was to leave today around lunch time or in the afternoon, but the new flight was to leave 00:20 this morning.  Although we wouldn’t have had time to do anything this morning anyway and we did have all day yesterday as we didn’t have to leave our hotel until 9.00pm to the airport, it wasn’t as relaxing as it would have been to spend the evening, which was a shame.


So, on our first day, I arrived around 10.30am in Hoi An.  My sister’s flight was scheduled to arrive at 12.05 but by some reason it was changed to 13.00 on the day before.  I guess some other flight arrived around the same time as hers and the queue for the immigration was ridiculously long and she had to queue for an hour.  I was very glad that they have free wifi at the airport, it was reassuring to know where she was until we finally met after waiting for … 3 and a half hours.  Incidentally, in Hoi An, not only hotels but most restaurants and cafe offer free wifi and even the area where most of us would be – the old town – offers free wifi, which was very convenient specially for my sister as she didn’t have any special package for internet like I did (I had the Starhub package for Asia).

空港とホテル間の送迎は、Hoi An Transfer にお願いしました。 いつもはホテルの車をお願いするのですが、物価の安いベトナムでホテルの車は片道US$90(15.5%の税、サービス料追加)。行きは妹と一緒ですが帰りは昨日の夜妹を空港まで送って行ったので2往復必要ということになり、車代だけで45000円くらい。Hoi An Transfer は片道US$15、帰りは割引があってUS$13なので2往復でUS$56。ネットでの評判も良かったですしベトナムはそれほど危険なところではないので、こちらでお願いしました。時間通りの送迎で、車もバンだったので(アップグレード)快適でした。

I decided to ask “Hoi An Transfer” for transfer between the airport and our hotel.  Usually we would ask our hotel to send their car but it was US90 (plus 15.5% tax & service charge) one way in a country, where things are so inexpensive.  This time I had to take my sister to the airport last night so needed 2 returns, which would have been US$416 just for the transfers!!  “Hoi An Transfer” charges US$15 one way, then they discount the 2nd ride to US$13, so in total it was US$56.  They have good reputation online, and Vietnam isn’t very dangerous, so I went for it.  The driver was punctual, and the car was 6 seater car – they upgraded it and it was very comfortable.


It was about 40 minutes to the hotel, going through these scenery as well as along many buildings.




We arrived at the hotel around 3.00pm and checked in at the small open-air lobby.  They served us a cup of cold sweet tea and a cold towel.





It’s a small hotel so just a couple of minutes’ walk. if that, to our room, which was on the ground floor in one of the 2 buildings on either side of the pool.  I didn’t take a photo but there was a nice area on both sides of the main door outside, where you can sit and read.





The room was smaller than expected and I have to say it looked cheap but we had large enough sofas, where we can sit putting our legs up comfortably.


Most of the staff were very friendly and nice (though there were a few who weren’t very smiley) and helpful.  I don’t remember the details but I think I first booked us with their 4 nights with the 3rd night free, then I changed it to a better offer that came later (but no change was allowed on this offer).  I paid US$253 per night per room.  I think it would have normally been US$400 or more per room.  I think it’s OK for US$253 but to be honest US$400 is too much for this level of hotel.

I think the best thing to do is to book well in advance and when there is a better offer (they send you offers often) you change it.



I’ll mention breakfast, too.  This it one of the restaurants, they serve breakfast on the 2nd floor and lunch & dinner on the ground floor.



The whole town is full of lanterns and this hotel also has a lot of them around the hotel.  These looked beautiful, bold colours but plain design.  I wondered if I should purchase some so we can hang them in our garden in England (when we get a house) but I don’t know if it’s practical and I hate negotiating prices so I didn’t.








In general I don’t normally have breakfast but I didn’t feel comfortable to ask my sister to have a breakfast on her own so I did go with her.  To be honest, I wasn’t very impressed with their breakfast selections.  I’ve been to Hanoi with a couple of friends a long time ago and remember the breakfast of the hotel we stayed at was very nice.


This is where you can get omelette made in front of you the way you like it.



I didn’t see anything I wanted on the 1st morning so I just had croissant and waffle (it wasn’t fresh, so not nice).  On the 2nd morning, they had this Banh Mi area, where you can ask the staff to make it as you like.  She would warm up the bread on a charcoal and make it for you.  On the 1st day it was some sort of noodles, maybe they change this every day.  My sister told me she didn’t need breakfast on the 3rd morning as she’s tried what she wanted already, so we skipped breakfast and had an early lunch.



So, here is my Banh Mi for breakfast on the 2nd morning.  Watermelon juice and this sandwich – you get a half.  As you can see in the background, my sister has more appetite than me in the morning.


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