Meeting Friends In Tokyo (1) / Asian Tawan (Thai)





It has gone very cold again. I know this can happen often this time of year but it had been quite warm and I wanted to reduce the luggage so after thinking about it for a while I asked my husband to take my winter coat the other day, I wish I kept it. I had to borrow a coat from my sister. Also having lived in summer clothes pretty much all year around for 10 years, I now don’t know what to wear when it’s cold. I feel so lost…

I found Osaka station very confusing as I hadn’t been there for a long time and didn’t recognize anything but of course Tokyo is even more foreign to me and I felt quite nervous until I reached my hotel. I’m glad I got here without any hiccups.

So, my first gathering with my friends in Tokyo was with 5 friends in a Thai restaurant “Asian Taiwan 168 Caretta Shiodome Branch “. All my friends very kindly chose restaurants near me hotel and this restaurant was next to my hotel.

We had Lots of chats, laughs and good food and the time just flew! They arranged cake with 3 message plates, one of them said happy birthday as one of the friends’ birthday is on the day after tomorrow, one said farewell as one of them is leaving tomorrow for KL to live (so it was sort of a farewell) and one said welcome to Tokyo for me. I had a wonderful time.

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  1. おいしそうですね~。タイ料理好きなので、今度東京に行ったら行ってみます(^_-)-☆

    1. Noodle says:


      1. そうなんですね。アドバイス、ありがとうございます(*^^)v

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