The Last Day In Nishinomiya

明後日の朝便で福岡からシンガポールに飛ぶので、明日は福岡に移動します。と言うことで、今日は妹と最後に一緒に過ごす日。パートのお仕事はお休みを取ってくれていたので、「来たろう」でお好み焼きと焼きそばを食べ、「Shimairo Cafe」でパンケーキを食べ(肝心のパンケーキの写真は撮り忘れてしまいました、3枚目の写真はカフェにあったオーブン、ハンバーグなどこれで焼くようでした)、西宮ガーデンズの阪急デパートでチーズなど(居候させてもらうお礼)あれこれ買って、帰宅。

I’m flying back from Fukuoka to Singapore on the day after tomorrow and I need to go to Fukuoka tomorrow, so today was the last day with my sister. She took the day off from her part-time job today so we had Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba for lunch at “Kitarou”, Then had pancakes at “Shimairo Cafe” (but forgot to take a photo of the pancakes!!). The 3rd photo is the oven in the cafe they use for Hamburg etc. Then we went to Hankyu Department Store and bought various cheeses for them to enjoy sometime soon (as a thank-you present for letting me stay with them).


As I wanted to see my friends in Tokyo and I also travelled with my husband, my time in Japan flew so fast. Specially the 2nd half went fast and when I realized my time was coming close to the end it was already too late to do some online shopping. I wish I had one more week!

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