Sausage & Sauerkraut Polish Style

今日の夕食は、お料理教室で教えていただいた「カバシ」という、フランクフルトタイプのソーセージとサワークラウトのお料理にしました。最後に作ったのはずいぶん前、いつだったかなと調べてみたら2017年の1月、2年以上前でした。いつだったか、Huber’s でサワークラウトを買ったので使わなくちゃとず〜〜〜っと思いつつ、なかなか機会がなく。というのも作るのは驚くほど簡単で有難いですし美味しいのですが、あまりにも肉、肉、肉でお野菜がないので味が単調で、食べようという気持ちになるときがなかなかなかったのです。何かお野菜の付け合わせを思いつけると良いのですけど、思いつかないのですよね。お料理教室ではスープだとかを一緒に習ったのですが、それはそれで面倒(笑)。ブロッコリーでも良いのでしょうが。

Today’s dinner was Sausage & Sauerkraut in Polish style.  It’s been a long time since I made this last, it was in January in 2017 so more than 2 years ago.  I bought a jar of Sauerkraut in Huber’s and have been telling myself I should use it, but months have gone by.  Although it’s so nice and easy and it tastes good, there are no vegetables I can think of serving with it so I find the taste a bit too monotonous and haven’t felt like eating it.  I wish I can think of something I can serve it with…. At the cooking class she taught us some soup and a couple of other things but they were not really side dishes and too much work.

ドイツ料理にも似たものがあると思いますが、これはポーランドのお料理だそうです。「カバシ」と習いましたが、ソーセージのことをポーランドでは Kielbasa (調べたら、キオバッサという発音に聞こえましたので、カバシとは違うのですが。。。)というそうなので、そこから来てるのでしょうか。ザワークラウトと玉ねぎとアップルソースを混ぜたものとソーセージをオーブンの低音でじっくり焼くお料理です。アップルソースの味は全くしないのですが、少しザワークラウトの酸味が和らぐのだと思います。

I think they have something very similar in Germany but this is apparently Polish.  I learned this recipe at a cooking class many years ago and we were told it’s called Ka-ba-shi (just writing in the way it’s pronounced because we were taught this in Japanese).  I tried to find the real name but I’m not sure, sausages are called “Kielbasa” in Polish so maybe that but it’s not really pronounced like Ka-ba-shi.  Anyway, it’s a dish that has a mixture of sauerkraut, onion & apple sauce with sausages baked in the oven at a low temperature.  I cannot taste the apple sauce but I think it’s used to soften the sourness of the sauerkraut.


A Japanese lady, whose blog I read often, cooks something similar but German style and she says you are supposed to mash the potatoes with fork and mix it with sauerkraut, so we tried it with some of the potatoes. It was good.  I liked both – smashed and mixed with sauerkraut and just as it is.




So I was finally able to use the sauerkraut but a half of it or more is left.  Also, I tried to find a small jar of apple sauce in a supermarket but couldn’t so I ordered it online – the one that arrive was a huuuuuge jar!  I don’t know what else I can use the apple sauce for…

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  1. Hunida says:

    I’ve never had sauerkraut before but this dish looks yummy. You could use the apple sauce for a lot of baking recipes. 🙂

    1. Noodle says:

      I know, but I hardly do any baking, not anything sweet anyway.

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