Flower Class

3月、4月は行けなかったので、久しぶりに Carpo のお花のクラスに行ってきました。いつものようにシャンペトルでお願いしました。大好きなピオニーの季節なので、ピオニーをリクエスト。他は、ビバーナム・コンパクタ(白いお花)とグロリオサ。ピオニーはまだ開いていないのが多いのでこじんまりして見えますし白っぽい花束ですが、これから開いて来るともっと濃い紅色が出て来ます。色も白と濃い赤のコントラストが大きく、高さもグロリオサが飛び出ているので、バランスよく撮るのが難しいです。夕方になってしまってから撮ったので、機会があればもっとピオニーが開いて来てからまた撮りたいと思います。

I wasn’t able to take the Flower Class at Carpo in March or April, having been away, so I’m happy to be back to take it this month.  As usual, I made a Champetre bouquet.  I love peonies so I asked the teacher to choose them at the market if possible, and she got them for me.  Other flowers used areViburnum opulus “Compactum” and Gloriosa.  Many of the peonies are still buds so the bouquet looks smaller than usual and there are a lot of white flowers showing, but as the peonies open up it’ll show more of the dark red.  The contrast of the colours of white and dark red is strong and also the gloriosa is very long, so it’s hard to take good photos.  I took these photos when the sun is getting lower, I’ll try to take more photos when the peonies open up with better light.


My husband asked me a while ago when I was taking the flower class and I told him it was going to be at the end of this month and he told me he misses flowers and end of the month was far away, so I decided to take 2 lessons this month and had one today.  Now our dining table looks nice with the flowers, my husband will be pleased.  I’m glad we have some lovely flowers at home, too.







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