Chopsuey Cafe

しばらくご旅行でシンガポールを留守にされていたお友達とランチをご一緒しました。久しぶりに、デンプシーのChopsuy Cafe に行ってみました。この時期は欧米の方達はそれぞれのお国に帰られたりご旅行されたりで、どこのレストランも空いている気がします。

I had lunch with a friend, who has been away for a couple of months, at “Chopsuey Cafe” in Dempsey. This time of year the majority of western people seem to be away and restaurants tend to be quiet.


Lettuce Cup with chicken, Pad Thai Salad, Ginger Honey Chicken – forgot to take a photo of Ginger Honey Chicken. I enjoyed the lettuce cup and ginger honey chicken but the Pad Thai salad was too fishy for me, either they use a lot of fish sauce or the fish sauce itself is very strong.


After lunch we had tea/coffee and continued our chat. I didn’t keep track of the time so I was surprised it was already 4.00pm when I got home as I thought it was around 3.00pm! It was great to catch up with her.

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