Middle-Eastern Dinner


I used to cook Middle-Eastern meals very often but haven’t done so as often in the last few years. I still enjoy it very much when I do cook it.


Today, I made Beef Kofta (kebab??), Hummus, Moroccan Salad, and Tunisian Aubergine. I like eating them stuffed into Turkish bread.


The dishes are all quite simple. Beef Kofta is just minced beef mixed with a few spices, made into sausage shapes and cooked in a frying pan. I never measure anything and I just sort of chuck things in, so the flavour is different each time. I do take a tiny bit, microwave it and check the seasonings, but the end result sometimes surprise me. It was good today, though.


Hummus is also very simply flavoured. Just garlic, tahini paste, chick pea, lemon juice, salt, pepper & olive oil.


Moroccan salad has onion, tomato, cucumber, red/yellow pepper, coriander leaves, lemon juice, salt & pepper. Again very simple.


Tunisian Aubergine takes a little more time to cook compared to the others. The basic recipe was Delia Smith’s “Tunisan Aubergine Salad With Coriander & Yohgurt”, but I made a few changes, What I do is cut the aubergine in small chunks and roast it in the oven. In the meantime I sautee onion and garlic and a fresh red chilli (chopped) in a frying pan, then add the half-cooked aubergine, some tomato from a tin of Italian tomatoes, some spices (I used cumin and all-spice) and then cook it on a low heat until the aubergine is very soft and the sauce thickens. We used to go to a Moroccan restaurant for dinner in Kobe when we were first married and they used to have this spicy aubergine that I loved, and that is what I sort of try to achieve. As all-spice has quite a strong flavour maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I think it goes very well with the Beef Kofta.


I also made exotic flavoured red sauce.


We enjoyed everything!

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