Carrot Soup, Onion Omelette & Halloumi Salad



追記 オムレツは4分の1残ったので、夫と半分ずつにして翌日それぞれに分厚い食パンで挟んだサンドイッチにしました。美味しかった!

I wasn’t able to make a good job of the Onion Omlette that my friend served me at lunch in Tokyo when I tried it a couple of times, but this friend kindly sent me a video of her making it and I was able to do it much better this time. I think that using chopsticks is the key. In the recipe it says you pour hot oil from the frying pan with a spoon in the middle of the omlette but it was extremely difficult to do because the egg runs right to the edge, and also when you use a spatula to mix it, too much of the egg mixture moves about and it’s hard to keep a good shape. My friend uses chopsticks for this, which makes it much easier because chopsticks don’t move too large an area but mixes the hot oil and the egg mixture nicely. I think most Japanese use chopsticks for cooking without thinking but I tend to use a spatula or silicon spoon for some reason – I should use chopsticks more for cooking!

As well as the onion omelette, I made carrot soup with curry flavour, and a salad with Haloumi cheese (my husband loves it), cucumber & olives. The combination of the omelette and the salad, I thought, was very good, too. Happy that I succeeded with the omelette this time!

(There was 1/4 of the omelette left so my husband and I had a half each and made a sandwich with thickly sliced Japanese bread. It was yum!)

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