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Since Sunday we were staying with our friends in Chichester but today we drove to Old Windsor and are staying with my husband’s brother and his wife tonight, then we’ll stay in London for 3 nights.


They had a very hot summer last year in England and it’s been very hot in the last few days, specially today, it’s gone up to 36 or 37C. It doesn’t seem too bad in the shade with some breeze because it’s not very humid, but it is very uncomfortably hot in a house or a pub, where there is no aircon. So hot at night and also having lunch in a pub. I think we tend to get a heatwave often when we come to England. It’s forecasted to cool down tomorrow, though, thank Goodness!


All the meals we’ve had so far since we arrived have been in pubs. Although foods got much better in England over the years, it’s sadly still not very good in general. I had the first meal that I enjoyed (other than at our friends’) in a pub today since we arrived. I don’t understand how anyone can make a tasteless sandwich like they do…

Today I had a sausage sandwich and the rest of them had steak.





Barley Mow

Barley Mow Road, Englefield Green, Egham. TW20 0NX




The pub meals we had that were not good as the above.


Vegan burger, tasteless.


My husband’s Ploughman’s was was good. I think Ploughman’s is good almost anywhere.


This is supposed to be Sichuan style Pork Stir-fry. The Pork tasted mostly of just soy sauce (dry, as it was over cooked) and vegetables were tasteless.



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