Dinner on Thursday was a BBQ at my husband’s brother and his wife’s, where we stayed for the night. I think many people do BBQ this time of year for dinner in England. As we were staying there their son and his girlfriend also came over from Oxford to see us, and our niece was also there, so it was a gathering of 7 of us altogether.


English sausages, vegetarian kebabs, chicken kebabs, couscous salad and Greek salad. All delicious and we had a lovely Family evening together.


After such a lovely evening, the night wasn’t so lovely. Around the time when we arrived in England the weekend before, the temperature went up and it was up to 37C in London and Windsor, where we were. It wasn’t too bad in the shade outside but it was very hot inside, specially the kitchen and bedrooms. In England, most houses don’t have any aircon, even restaurants and shops don’t, and even those that do have aren’t always very effective. My husband’s brother and his wife have no aircon so it was extremely hot. By the time we went up to the bedroom the outside temperature was comfortable but not inside. Unlike Japanese houses or apartments the English houses have very small windows and they don’t open up fully, so the air inside the rooms is stuck. I put my head out of the window to cool down now and again and waited for a few hours until it became bearable to finally lie down to sleep.


With global warming, even England has many of these hot days, I feel they need to have aircon installed even in ordinary family homes. We will definitely do that when we start living in England and my husband’s brother and his wife are seriously considering to do so, too.

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