Som Saa (Thai restaurant in London)


金曜日の夕食は、タイ料理、Som Saa というレストランに行ってみました。検索情報でオーセンティックと読みましたが、それは違うような気が。。。でも、タイ料理は色々なスタイルがあるので、違うとは言い切れません。全体的には、まずまず、でした。辛くてヒーヒーしましたが、グリーンパパイヤと季節のフルーツ(ネクタリン、りんご、ぶどう、ライチ)が一番好みでした。

We are staying in London from last night, finally able to sleep with aircon on, thank God! We went a Thai restaurant “Som Saa“ for dinner last night. I’ll write more in details when I get back to Singapore but my favourite of the dishes we had was Papaya Salad with seasonal fruits (nectarine, apple, grape and lychee) though it was so hot my mouth was on fire. I read they serve authentic Thai food but I didn’t feel this was really the case, but then there are so many different styles and dishes in Thailand I don’t know for sure.


Pork and nectarine. Pork was sweet but the chutney-like thing was quite spicy.


Green papaya and seasonal fruit salad.


Stewed pork and egg. It was too sweet for me and the pork was very dry.


Kabocha curry. It didn’t seem very Thai to me but I don’t know all the Thai curries…


For dessert we shared Palm Sugar ice cream with caramelised banana with turmeric.


It’s still light after 9.00 pm in England this time of year.

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