2it & Drink (Italian)

今日はお友達とランチをご一緒しました。「OTTO」が手掛けるカジュアルなイタリアン、という「2it & Drink」。ピザ窯が見えたのでピザにも魅かれましたが、今日はランチセットの中からパスタをいただきました。お友達は、ラグー、わたしはアスパラガスのアーリオオリオ。デザートは数種類のアイスクリーム(といわれましたが、シャーベット?ジェラート?)。コーヒーか紅茶がついて1人20ドルというお安さ。

I had lunch with a friend at “2it & Drink”, which is apparently a part of “OTTO” group. We saw a pizza oven so I did think about ordering pizza but in the end we both ordered from lunch sets – both pasta for the main. My friend and pasta with ragu and I had Aglio Olio with asparagus. The set comes with a dessert (they said ice cream but it was more like sorbet or gelato) and a small cup of tea or coffee. S$20 per person. Great value.


My Aglio Olio was seasoned a little too heavily to my liking but not so heavy that I wasn’t able to enjoy it. The staff asked me what level of spiciness I wanted and I asked for medium, it was quite spicy so I was glad I didn’t say spicy! I would have enjoyed it more if the asparagus was sliced

thicker rather than paper thin, but the pasta had the right texture, piping hot and tasty. My friend also liked her pasta.


For dessert, my friend chose strawberry ice cream and I chose mango, both excellent, full of fruit.

とてもお安く美味しかったので、次回はピッツァをいただいてみたいです。夫とのディナーに「OTTO」には何度か行っていますが、高いばかりであまり良い印象ではなかったです。こちらの方が美味しかった (といってもパスタ1品では判断しにくいですが)。このお値段なのでとてもカジュアルで雰囲気はありませんが、一度夫と夜にも行ってみようかな、と思います。

As I wrote, I think it’s excellent value and good, I would like to try their pizza next time. My husband and I’ve had dinner a few times at “OTTO” but we found it over-priced and not so good, though the atmosphere is great. Maybe they are better with fish and seafood but what we had was never that good. With this price you cannot expect it to have good atmosphere, but maybe I’ll try it for dinner with my husband.

2it & Drink
491 River Valley Road
#01-01 Valley Point

Tel: 6737 3001

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