Thai Chicken & Basil Bowl / P.S.Cafe Ann Siang Hill

お友達お2人と、ランチをご一緒しました。Ann Siang Hill の P.S. Cafeで3人とも、タイ・チキン・バジル・ボール。以前同じメンバーでご一緒したときにお2人共気に入っておられ、また行きましょうということに。そのあと、それぞれお茶などいただいて、1人41ドルずつでした。

I had lunch with 2 friends, we went back to P.S.Cafe in Ann Siang Hill to have Thai Chicken & Basil Bowl as both of them liked it when we were there last. We then had tea and the bill was about S$41 per person.


Both of them are away from Singapore quite a lot and my time in Singapore isn’t long now and I wonder how many more times I can see them before we leave.

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