On Monday, our NZ friends were in Singapore on their way from their UK visit to home so we had dinner with them. We had some catch up with Champagne at home before going out for dinner. Their daughter and her family live in England so they were staying with them for about a month. The flights would be too long to take from England to NZ without a rest so they stayed in Singapore for a couple of days.


As I knew they were arriving on the day and would be tired, I thought it’s better to go somewhere you don’t need to have a long course dinner and I wasn’t sure how much appetite they would have so chose somewhere you can decide how much to eat – and booked Nanbantei. We hadn’t been there for a little while.


What our friends wanted to have and what we want were quite different so we ordered per couple. I didn’t take any photo of theirs but they had breaded and deep fried salmon and some sashimi and tiramisu for dessert. We had Tsukune, shiso & pork rolls, Okra, mini tomato, ginko nut, sweet corn and Sweet bean soup with dumplings for dessert.



We all had Sapporo beer as well. We didn’t order as much as usual so it was less expensive than usual – S$150.


The time flew quickly but it was lovely to catch up with each other, we had a lovely evening.


My husband seems to be away on business a lot recently, he left for another business trip so no home dinner for a few days!

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