House Of AnLi – Impossible Burger

昨日は用があって外出したので、ついでに珍しくタングリンモールの 「House Of AnLi」でひとりランチをしました。少し前に夫と行ったときに食べてまぁまぁだと思った「Impossible Burger」にしてみたのですが、今回はあまりおいしくなく、半分くらいしか食べられませんでした。

Yesterday I was out in the morning so I stopped at “House of AnLi” at Tanglin Mall for a quick lunch alone – which is quite unusual for me. I ordered “Impossible Burger”, which I thought was good enough when I tried it last time when I was there with my husband but this time I didn’t enjoy it at all.


First of all, although the burger itself was slightly warm, the coleslaw was cold so overall impression when I bit into it was cold. Also, inside was so red, it was very rare. I know it’s plant based but it still made me feel a little “Yuk” when it was this red and rare looking. The texture was also wrong, it was like raw meat and I just lost my appetite.


It was S$40 including a bottle of sparkling water.

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