Nassim Hill Bakery – Another Impossbile Burger

今日は土曜日のランチによく行く Nassim Hill Bakery で夫とランチをしましたが、いつものサンドイッチを食べる気分ではなかったので、昨日 House of AnLi で食べて美味しくなかった Impossible Burger (今日はSpicy Impossible Burger)を食べてみました。昨日と違って熱々でしたし、昨日のように真っ赤ではなくミディアムくらいのピンクでしたし食感もビーフバーガーっぽく、美味しくいただきました。ただ、量が多いので食べきれず。このカフェは、全体的に量が多いと思います。

We had lunch at Nassim Hill Bakery as we often do on Saturdays. I wasn’t in the mood to have my usual sandwich today, so I tried “Impossible Burger” again. (It was “Spicy” Impossible Burger today.) I didn’t like the one in House of AnLi yesterday, but I wanted to see if that’s how it is everywhere else. Today’s was nice and hot unlike yesterday’s, it wasn’t so red, just pink like I usually like for a real beef burger, and the texture was right too. I enjoyed it. The only thing is that the portion is too large, I wasn’t able to eat all. They do tend to serve a large portion here.

Nassim Hill Bakery
56 Tanglin Road, #01-03, 247964

Tel: 6835 1128

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