Lunch Gathering


I invited a friend, who lives in the same condominium for a light lunch. She is often away to various places in the US including Hawaii and also to Japan, so we haven’t seen each other in probably more than a year. I guess we managed to get together a handful times over the last few years.


I told her I would buy some nice cheese at my cheese class (that I took yesterday, I run out of a battery after just 1 photo and I had forgotten to take my iPhone so I wasn’t able to take any photos, I will write about it once my friend sends me some photos of the class) and make some salads. Since then, I decided to make Middle-Eastern meal as it is salady and also I can prepare on the day before – this is why I cooked a Middle-Eastern dinner for my husband last night. These don’t taste less good on the day after I make them. The only thing is that the acidity from the lemon juice seems to become less so I did add some lemon juice and some fresh coriander to the couscous salad. I forgot to make exotic sauce, which goes well with the chicken, yesterday so I made it today.


From the front, green beans & tomatoes, chicken breast, exotic sauce, hummous, couscous salad, carrot & orange salad (I just realised I’d forgotten to add some sliced almonds on top).


My friend brought celeriac & pomegranate salad and Lentil & chicory salad. I’d forgotten to take photos of them….


Then we had cheese. I bought 2 cheeses yesterday – Gres d’ Alsace aux truffes (washed rind cheese with truffle from Alsace in France) and Banon (Goat cheese, which is in the season now, wrapped with chestnut leaves) and some organic figs that my friend brought.


She travels a lot so this might be the last time I see her, but maybe we can get together one day somewhere like Japan.

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