I deleted my post on the Cheese Appreciation Class by mistake! It took me a long time to write that post, I could cry!! I’ll write it again tomorrow…

今日のディナーは、デンプシーのメキシコ料理レストランの Margaritas に久しぶりに行きました、何年振りでしょう。

We went to Margarita, a Mexican restaurant in Dempsey for dinner today.


My husband had an ordinary Margarita and I had frozen strawberry Margarita.


We shared Guacamole for a starter.


For the main, my husband had Mexican lasagne. Apparently it wasn’t very hot and he didn’t seem to have enjoyed it so much.


I had chicken fajita. You wrap strips of chicken, guacamole and salsa in a small tortilla.


I remember the Mexican food we had in the US was very nice so I imagine it is more tasty and interesting in Mexico but I find most Mexican food you have outside the US and Mexico that we’d been to is quite boring, they all seem to taste the same and fills you up quickly. The first fajita was nice but I got tired of it quickly. I prefer soft tacos that we have at home with left-over chilli con carne and fresh vegetables much more myself. This is why I suppose we don’t go there very often. The last time we’d been there was probably 3-4 years ago.

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