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My cold hasn’t been bad, I’m still sounding nasal but feeling nearly normal. So relieved that it was just a very light cold – though my skin under my nose is all red and flaky!

数年通った(といっても途中ご出産があったり、わたしが旅行でいなかったりで毎月というわけではないのですが、2015年12月が初レッスンだったので3年半くらいになります)お花のレッスンの先生と、House Of AnLi でランチをご一緒しました。お引越しをされた先のリノベーションの関係でこの数ヶ月お休みですが、今月末から再開されるようなので、ひょっとしたらもう1度行けるかな?

I had lunch with my flower class teacher (I took the first lesson with her back in December 2015, so nearly 4 years ago) at House Of AnLi. She hasn’t been giving lessons for the last few months because of the renovation of her new place but is planning to start lessons at the end of this month, so I might be able to take one more lesson.


I had Tartine of Avocado, my teacher had Pasta (I think Chicken Alfredo). Then I had some Cannule and she had some sort of cake with merrangue, whipped cream and fruit. The bread for the tartine wasn’t as hard as it often is but I wish they toasted it to make it crispy. Sadly, the avocado was a bit watery and not very nice.


We chatted more than 3 hours! It was lovely to have the time with her, she is always very cheerful, bubbly, great company. I hope she will visit me in England.

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