Thai Dinner


Today’s dinner was Thai. Stir-fried mince pork with basil and Isan style vermicelli salad.


I cook this Stir-fried Mince Pork with Basil quite often, I usually cook an fried egg each and serve it with this and rice, but no fried egg today as I cooked another dish. I know this isn’t authentic as I use ordinary sweet basil instead of holy basil but I would have to go so far just for holy basil, this is good enough for me.


The seasoning for Isan vermicelli salad is a basic Thai salad seasoning, which is lime juice, fish sauce & sugar, dried chilli flakes but with an addition of ground toasted rice. I use more shallots, fresh kaffia lime leaves and mint leaves than the recipe I learnt.



Both dishes are supposed to be very spicy. I don’t think I make it as spicy as they are authentically, but I do make them quite spicy. The spiciness is a little different – Stir-fried mince pork with basil has fresh chillis and Isan style vermicelli salad has dried chilli flakes. I think they were both as spicy as we can take. I do like them like that, but my husband said it was a little too spicy. It did keep our tounges tingling for a while but I really enjoyed it.

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