Nassim Hill Bakery (Again)


It’s a loading day for our move, apparently there are 500 boxes but nearly a half are a half size boxes filled with books. Other than the beginning and the end of the day there is nothing to do for us, so my husband told me that he’ll go before and after his work and I can sleep late and spend a bit of time in Tanglin Mall.

ということで、久しぶりにゆっくり寝て、さて、せっかく時間が空いたのでちょこっとでも会えればと親しいお友達にご連絡してみたら、サクッとランチなら行けます!ということだったので、Nassim Hill Bakery で短時間ランチをご一緒出来ました。

So I slept late, got ready late, then I thought I’d see if one of my close friends is free for a quick lunch and fortunately she was although just for an hour.


We went to Nassim Hill Bakery and shared Chicken and Basil Panini that she wanted to try and French fries that I felt like having.


It was much too short to have a proper catch up but did some. It was lovely to be able to see her even for a short time.

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