JAAN – The Last Dinner In Singapore

シンガポールでの最後のディナーは、特別な日のディナーに良く選んだ、Jaan に行きました。

The last dinner in Singapore was at Jaan, where we had many celebration dinners over the past 10 years.


You get a few amuse before the first dish. I think they are all quite good.


I’m not going to write the names of each dish but here is the menu to check with.


This is the first course. On this particularday I wasn’t feeling well at all. My sinusitus was quite severe, I wasn’t able to taste much and had no appetite. I think I managed to have about 1/3 of this.


The 2nd dish. Parsnip, potatoes etc. I think I was able to eat most of it.


Egg similar to onsen egg.


Around this point I started to feel really unwell and I started worrying I have to rush to the rest room if I felt any worse.


Fortunately I started feeling better soon after that and I was able to have a half of the pork dish.


Also a half of the beef dish.


Pre-dessert was Ribena sorbet.


I have a feeling that their main dessert is always chocolates. I’m not a big fan of chocolate desserts, especially after a heavy dinner. My husband was happy to have most of mine as well as his own.


As it was a celebration dinner for my husband’s retirement I’m glad I was able to finish it rather than going home in the middle of the dinner.


My husband’s retirement has been delayed until the end of the year after all, altough we are leaving Singapore at this point, so we sort of don’t know when to celebrate.

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