A Busy Day


My coughing and sinusitis is getting better but it’ll probably take a while to get rid of it completely. The cough is a dry one and whatever comes out is clear (TMI) so I think it’s an allergy rather than a cold.


We recently completed the purchase of our new house in England but cannot live there yet, not until we get some new furniture (we need to order quite a lot as we got rid of a lot in Singapore) and our shipment arrives, which is probably about a month from now. We are staying at my brother-in-law’s house until Wednesday morning, then we are renting a cottage from some friends for a couple of weeks. After that we haven’t made a plan.


There are a few things that need doing in connection with starting this new life so my brother-in-law and his wife are giving us some help while we are staying with them.


It was another beautiful day but colder than yesterday and I’m told the temperature will drop below zero tonight.


The dinner at my brother-in-law’s last night was Pork Casserole and fruit salad, yummy!


This morning we spent some time here for my husband to do some shopping…


Yes, we bought a car. We always had a car when we were living in Japan and Hong Kong, but not after we moved to Singapore, so my husband is looking forward to owning one again. When he was researching new cars online he found out that he would have to wait for 2-3 months after ordering what he wants so he’d given up on the idea of buying new and was going to go for a used one. However, when we visited a dealer this morning they happened to have a new one in stock that was exactly what he wanted, including the color, so we went ahead and bought it.

大きなお買い物をした後は、「Watts Gallery 」でランチをしました。全員、ソーセージとベーコンのウェルシュ・レアビット。デザートは、ソルトキャラメルケーキを夫とシェア。イギリスのケーキはポーションが大きいので、半分で充分。

We then had lunch at “Watts Gallery “. We all had Welsh Rarebit with sausage and bacon. My husband and I shared a piece of Salted Caramel cake, too. Portions of cakes in England are often very generous so sharing is a good idea.

義弟夫婦に連れて行ってもらったアール・ヌーボー様式の教会「Watts Cemetery Chapel 」。見たことがないスタイルの装飾でした。

My brother-in-law and his wife then took us to “Watts Cemetery Chapel”, which is an Art Nouveau chapel. Very unusual and beautiful.

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