Lovely Sunny Day In England



We arrived at Heathrow last night, stayed at an airport hotel and now we are staying at my husband’s brother house for the next 3 nights. As it’s winter in England I was expecting it to be raining but it was a lovely sunny day today. It is as cold as our breath looks white but with the sun shining it didn’t feel too cold.

お昼前に着いたので、少し休憩してから、The Savill Gardens でランチをして、Windsor Great Park ぶらぶらお散歩しました。しばらく雨が多く、久しぶりに良いお天気だったようで、日曜日ということもあって沢山の人たちがお散歩に来ていました。犬も沢山。

We arrived at my brother-in-law’s a little before lunch time, so after a little rest we went to “The Savill Gardens” for lunch then had a walk in Windsor Great Park. They’ve had a lot of rain recently and this was the first sunny Sunday in a while so the Park was full of people walking, many of them with dogs.

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