Good Bye, Our Home In Singapore!



最初の写真は、本来は主寝室なのですが、わたしたちはスタディー兼クラフトルームに使っていたお部屋。多分わたし が一番長い時間を過ごした、たくさんのお友達とカードを作った思い出一杯のお部屋です。


Today was the day we gave the keys back to the management of the condominium we have lived in for 10 years (we never moved while we lived in Singapore). A guy from the management came to check the rooms the other day and told us that it was in a great condition and he didn’t see any problem, but he did a quick check again, then checked all the keys one by one – each door had 2 keys so I think there were 24 keys in total. All good and all the deposit will be refunded.

We don’t feel emotional about leaving Singapore itself but seeing the rooms empty made me feel a little strange.

The first photo is the master bedroom but we were using it as a Study and a Craft room. Probably the room I spent more time in than in any others. This is where I spent a lot of time with my friends making cards.

For Singapore it is quite an old condominium but we liked the way it felt like a resort at the lobby. I myself never used it but I liked the pool, too, as it’s not a boring rectangle like many of them are.

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