今日からしばらく、Lyndhurst というところにある親しいお友達のコテージ(別荘)をレンタルさせていただきます。義弟夫婦の家があるウィンザーから1時間半くらい、わたしたちの家から1時間ちょっとという距離でニューフォレストという地域にあります。


Lyndhurst の街はこじんまりとしていて、やはり古い建物が沢山残っていて素敵です。ランチのソーセージサンドも美味しかったです。

We are renting a cottage of our good friends in Lyndhurst from today for a while. It’s about an hour and a half from Windsor, where my brother-in-law lives and a little more than an hour from where our house is.

We arrived a little before lunch time and met the friend, who warmed up the cottage for us and took us to the town. We had lunch together in a pub, then our friend left for her home and we did food shopping and unpacked and the day is nearly gone.

Lyndhurst seems like a nice size (not too big) and very attractive with many old buildings. My lunch, which was a sausage and caramelised onion sandwich, was very nice, too.


We are very thankful that my husband’s brother’s family and our good friends are so welcoming and kind and have been helping us. Thanks to them the start of our life in England, so far, has been very smooth. Having said that, we still don’t feel that we are living here yet, it feels as if we are here on holiday from Singapore although of course we cannot relax like we are on holiday because there is a long list of things to do.

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