Bateman’s (National Trust)

昨日は、ナショナルトラストの Batemans でお友達ご夫婦と待ち合わせ。朝はお天気が良かったのですが家を出る頃にはすっかり曇っていました。

Yesterday, we met our friends at Bateman’s (National Trust), which is about an hour and 40 minutes from where we live.  It was quite nice weather early in the morning but had already gone grey by the time we left home.

2時から2時半の間というお約束でしたが、2時過ぎにわたしたちが駐車場に入ったところ、丁度お友達が駐車されて車から出てこられるところでした。1907年、英国人として初めてのノーベル文学賞を受賞したラドヤード・キプリング(Joseph Rudyard Kipling1865~1936)ゆかりの地。キプリングは、インドのジャングルを舞台とした『ジャングル・ブック』の作者で、彼が『一目惚れ』をして購入し、1902年から70歳で亡くなる1936年までの34年間を過ごした邸宅。

We were meeting them between 2.00pm and 2.30pm.  We got there just a few minutes after 2.00pm, drove into the car park and saw them just parking.  This is the house of Joseph Rudyard Kipling, who is the first British writer to receive the Nobel Prize.  He wrote “Jungle Book”, which is based in India where he was born and lived as a child.  Apparently he fell in love with this house, bought it and lived here for 34 years from 1902 until 1936, when he died at the age of 70.




This time of year you need to join their house tour to see the house (you can walk around on your own at other times of the year).  Fortunately they had exactly 4 tickets left for 2.30pm tour, so we joined it.  Although it takes time when you join a tour like this, I can have more interest as the guides give you lots of information.


It was built in 1634, and is Jacobean.  Kipling kept the style of the 17th century house and used only Jacobean decorations and furniture that go with the original style. Apparently it’s still basically looking the same as when Kipling lived there.  This is his study.



These 4 golden balls were used to warm up beddings.



This is a wall covered with painted leather.




The house wasn’t enormous so the tour was a little longer than an hour.  After the tour we went to the tearoom and had tea/coffee and cake, then drove to our friends’ house, and walked to their local pub to have a beer before being treated to a lovely dinner.  (To be continued!)

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