Asian-Style Beef (with Peppers, Mangetout and Fluffy Rice)

今日のディナーは、アジア風ビーフ(パプリカ、さやいんげん入り、ふんわりご飯と一緒に)、Hello Fresh のもの。入っているのは、ビーフ、玉ねぎ、赤パプリカ、生姜、さやいんげん、シャンツァイ、チキンストックパウダー、タイスパイスミックス、ライム、ケチャップマニス。ケチャップマニスは甘いので少しだけ量を減らしました。結構スパイシーで食べた後ひりひりするくらいでしたが、これくらい辛いのが好きなので美味しかったです。生姜も効いていました。


Today’s dinner was “Asian-Style Beef (with Peppers, Mangetout and Fluffy Rice”.  It’s one of the Hello Fresh meals this week.  It has beef, onion, red pepper, ginger, mangetout, fresh coriander, chicken stock powder, Thai spice mix, lime, and Ketjap manis.  I reduced Ketjap manis a little as I know it’s very sweet.  The result was quite spicy and tingled our tounges but we enjoyed the heat.  It was also quite gingery (even though I had also reduced the amount of ginger.

It’s interesting that the recipe tells you to cook on low heat and even cook it in liquid rather than stir-frying on a high heat, which is the usual method.  I guess it’s because stir-frying on a high heat needs some skill and can burn it easily.  I used high heat most of the time.  I also reduce the amount of water for cooking the rice quite a lot because I hate wet rice.



As the purple tulips were looking like they were going to go (and their petals suddenly fell this afternoon), we bought some new flowers again today.  White tulips and daffodils.  They sell daffodils already open, too, but I bought the buds.  I put all in one glass but I’ll probably separate them when the daffodils open up.  Daffodils were 1 pound (for 18) and tulips were 2.50 pounds for 8.




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