Daffodils & Tulips


The weather went back to miserable grey and it’s quite cold.  At least it’s not raining.  We see a lot of birds in our garden, lots of tits and robins.  They do get our sunflower seeds but don’t seem to stay long, just pick at them for a second or two then fly away so it’s hard to get any photo or video.


The daffodils we bought yesterday are opening up.  To be honest they aren’t my favourite flowers but it’s nice to see any flowers in this cold weather.  They seem to represent the end of winter in England (or at least towards the end), so I felt like having some at home. They are still with the tulips.





You can see a cobweb on the window!  It’s outside of the window, but we find lots of cobwebs inside as well, which gross me out!  We found a lot when we moved in and I’ve been trying to get rid of them but they come back quickly.  They make home look very dirty and not looked after.  I’m so happy that there aren’t any cockroaches in England and also we don’t see any ants inside the house unlike in Singapore, I used to have to be so careful with any food, if you left anything out without sealing properly it could attract ants.  However, we see a lot more spiders and flies here.  As we live in the countryside it’s lovely to have a lot of green but I’m a little worried about insects in the summer.




The hydrangeas are still looking beautiful.  In Singapore, sometimes they lasted forever but sometimes they would go limp then die on the next day.  These are looking good.  I guess it’s because our dining room here isn’t very large, I feel a large vase with large flowers or a lot of flowers would look a little too much on the dining table at the moment, so we are enjoying these on the island in the kitchen.


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