Goodwood & “Farmer Butcher Chef”


It was another beautiful day with blue sky!  I think it’s been like this for 4 days consecutively, which is so rare in England.  It was a frosty morning and cold all day but with the sun shining I didn’t mind.


This morning someone came to change the main door lock to a safer one.  A little while ago, we couldn’t find keys for the door of the kitchen to the back garden and my husband called someone to come and make keys of that door and the guy who came told him the front door lock isn’t very safe – so he asked him to change to a better one.  As we don’t know anything about these things, we thought it would take about 30 minutes but it actually took 2.5 hours.  In England, even in the countryside like here, you do hear about people getting burgled so we need to be extra careful.

お昼頃に終わり、家から車で15分ほど行ったところに Goodwood という競馬やカーレースで有名なところがあり、そこには評判の良いファームショップやレストランがあると聞いていたので以前から気になっていたので午後から行ってみました。

Anyway, that finished around lunch time, and we went to Goodwood, which is well known for their horse races and car races, to try a restaurant, we’ve been wanting to see the place as we heard they have good farm shop and a couple of good restaurants.

まずは、レストランでランチ。Farmer Butcher Chefというレストランです。外から見ると普通のお家のように見えていたのですが、中はとてもおしゃれな空間でした。

First we wen to “Farmer Butcher Chef” for lunch.  It looked like an ordinary house from outside but inside it was a nice barn style restaurant.






In the site they also have a bar, where you can have more casual and light meals, but here the menu was on the heavy side.  We couldn’t find anything we wanted on the lunch set menu, so we ordered from a la carte.


We shared Broccoli & Blue Cheese Donut to start.  It seemed very much like croquettes with lots of broccoli.  The sauce was green pea sauce and the crumbly thing was something like a crunchy biscuit.  We enjoyed it.



My husband had plaice, which seemed very small portion comparing to my beef.  It was OK for us as he was able to help me with my main.



I had Slow-cooked Beef with mushrooms, mashed potato and roast garlic, raw red onion.  English people seem to like these very strong raw onions!  I cannot eat them, but other than that it was very good.  Beef is quite heavy and I just cannot eat so much meat anyway, so I was happy that my husband helped me and had more than a half of it.



We then shared Apple Crumble Soufflé, which we enjoyed.



As it was lunch time and my husband had to drive we just had a bottle of sparkling water to share, no wine.  The bill was 60 pounds including tip, which seems so inexpensive comparing to Singapore.


Their service was very slow even though it wasn’t that busy.  This lunch took 2 hours.  Soufflé takes 15-20 minutes, which we knew, but we waited quite a long time between the starter and the main.  We weren’t in a hurry so we didn’t mind it so much, you just need to know you cannot have a quick lunch.  We enjoyed the lunch and the decor is also very nice, we would like to go back, specially for their Sunday Roast.


The surrounding scenery is like this.




ランチの後、Goodwood ファームショップで少しお買い物、と思っていたのですが、以前は小売をしていたようですが今は卸のみとのこと。お店としてぶらっと入ってお買い物、は出来ないようになったらしく、残念。ですが、必ずしも卸のみということでもないようで、事前にオーダーすれば少量でも購入できるのだそうです。近くなので、そのうち煮込み用のお肉やステーキ用のお肉など買ってみたいと思っています。

After lunch, we wanted to do a little shopping in the Goodwood Farm shop but apparently they don’t sell their produce other than as wholesale any more, which is a shame.  However, it isn’t strictly true as we were told that you can make an order in advance and pick it up.  We would like to try some shin or steak sometime soon, since we live close enough.


Lunch finished around 3.00pm, then we stopped at a supermarket to do some shopping and got back around 4.30pm.  A quick cup of tea, then some chores at home and soon it was time to cook dinner.


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