Hot Drinks And Lemon, Ginger & Honey Tea


In Hong Kong and Singapore, I always drank lots of cold sparkling water, but I’m not drinking it here so much.  We do drink it with meals and now and again I get thirsty and drink some, but basically I’ve been drinking hot drinks because it’s cold here.

これまでは土曜日と日曜日の4時に飲んでいたお紅茶は、今は夫といつも一緒なのでほとんど毎日飲んでいて、茶葉が減るのが早いです。そして、間の時間や夫が寝てしまった後も温かい飲み物を飲むことが多くなっています。お紅茶を淹れることもありますが、多いのは以前にも書いた、Tea Bone Zen Mind のライチウーロンのティーバッグ (もうすぐなくなりますけど)。基本的にティーバッグの紅茶はあまり好きではないのですが(アールグレーなど香りがしっかりしているものはティーバッグでもいただきますが)、このライチウーロンのティーバッグは美味しいです。一度淹れて捨ててしまわず、3杯くらいはそのままお湯だけ注いでいただきます。他には、レモン・ジンジャーティー。シンガポールでは風邪をひいたときくらいしか飲まなかったのですが、ここでは時々淹れています。ティーと言ってもレモンと生姜をカップに入れて熱湯を注いで蜂蜜を加えるだけ。あっという間に冷めてしまうのが残念ですが。


Until we moved to England, we would usually have tea at 4.00pm on Saturdays and Sundays, I didn’t used to drink much hot drinks at any other times, but now that my husband is with me all the time we have tea at 4.00pm almost every day – the tea leaves are disappearing!  At other times and after my husband has gone to bed, I now make tea most of the time.  Sometimes I make Earl Grey Tea with tea leaves but often use Lychee Oolong tea bags from Tea Bone Zen Mind in Singapore (though it won’t last long…).  As a rule I don’t usually choose to use tea bags just because they don’t taste as nice (though I don’t mind tea bags of Earl Grey or some other aromatic tea), but this Lychee Oolong tea bags taste really nice.  I usually keep 1 tea bag all day long, just adding more hot water now and again in the cup with the same tea bag and it tastes good for 3 cups or so.  I also make lemon, ginger & honey tea.  I used to drink this only when I had a cold in Singapore, but I enjoy it here any time.  It’s called “tea” but no actual tea leaves are involved, just some lemon wedge, slices of ginger and honey.  Sadly it gets lukewarm very quickly, though.

I often use lemon in cold water, too.  For both hot and cold, I usually use the lemon we’d used in cooking for the rind or juice, even when there is no juice left, it gives enough lemony flavour if you pour boiling hot water over it.



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