Pork & Apple Burger (with Rosemary Wedges and Rocket Salad)

今日のディナーは、Hello Fresh の「Pork & Apple Burger (with Rosemary Wedges and Rocket Salad」(ポークとりんごのバーガー、ローズマリー風味のオーブンポテトフライとロケットサラダ)。わたしはチェダーチーズが苦手なのでチーズなし。りんごを荒く削り下ろしたものと少量のパン粉を加えて塩胡椒するだけ、とかなりシンプルなポークバーガー。個人的には、ドライハーブでも良いので少しポークにハーブを加えたいところですが、このままでも美味しかったです。りんごが入るので多分柔らかく出来上がり、少し甘みも加わるのだと思います。ポテトはいつも多すぎて、大きなのが3つきていましたが2つだけ使いました、それでもわたしは1つ分は食べられないので夫はポテトの山(笑)。サラダはロケットだけでしたが、家にあったトマトと赤パプリカを加えました。サラダドレッシングに加えるとあるはちみつは、かなり減らしています。

Today’s dinner was “Pork & Apple Burger (with Rosemary Wedges and Rocket Salad)” from Hello Fresh.  I don’t like Chedder cheese so I didn’t add any.  The burger has mince pork, corsely grated apple, bread crumb and salt & pepper, so it is very simple.  Personally, I would have added some sort of herb, if not fresh, some dried herb would do, but it was good as it is as well.  I guess grated apple makes it a little more tender and also add a little sweetness.  Too many potatoes for us, they always include too many potatoes, we used just 2 out of 3 but even they were too much, I cannot eat that much potato so my husband had a mountain of it.  For the salad, it was supposed to be just rocket leaves but I added some tomato and red pepper.  For the dressing I didn’t use as much honey as the recipe as I find it too sweet.





これでHello Fresh の12種類の食事を作って食べたことになりますが、1つマァマァだった以外どれも美味しかったです。レシピもわかりやすく、あまり失敗がないように工夫されていてとても良いと思います。わたしがトライしたいと言ったのですが、本当においしいのかなという不安もありました。でも、これまでのところ味に関してはとても良い印象です。

So, this was our 12th meal from Hello Fresh that we cooked and ate.  One was just so so but all the rest was very good.  The recipe is easy to understand and made so anyone can cook well.  Although I was the one who wanted to try, I didn’t know how good it was going to be, but so far I’m very impressed with their recipes.





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