Baguette Sandwich

今日のランチは、バゲットサンド。バゲットはいくつか試した結果、Arundel の食材店「Pallant Of Arundel」のバゲットがおいしかったので、それで落ち着きました。昔からある日本のバゲットに近い感じで、少しオーブンで温めるとパリパリサクサクと軽め。



Today’s lunch was Baguette sandwich.  After trying a few places the baguettes from Pallants in Arundel are the best so far, so that’s what we’ve been buying.  It’s similar to those we are used to from Japan – light and crispy.

All you can see is rocket, but I used Branston Pickles, Parma ham and rocket.  My husband was adding some cheese and tomato in his sandwich.

Almost all the daffodils had opened up.



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