Tea Time & Portuguese Egg Tarts

夫の弟夫婦がチチェスター に来る用があり午後のお茶に寄ってくれたので、お気に入りの食材店の「Pallant Of Arundel」で気になっていたポルトガル・エッグタルトを買ってみました。まぁまぁ、かな。ポルトガルに行ったことがないので本場のものを食べたわけではないのですが、香港やマカオで食べていたポルトガル・エッグタルトが本場のものに近いと思うので(勝手な思い込みですが)、それとは随分違いましたが、それなりに美味しくいただきました。

My brother-in-law and his wife were coming to Chichester for some talk and stopped at our place for tea.  I’ve been wanting to try the Portuguese egg tart from “Pallant Of Arundel”, so we bought some to have with tea.  We haven’t been to Portugal so we don’t know for sure what they are supposed to be like, but we used to have them in Hong Kong and Macau and I feel they must have been close to the real thing. Comparing to that these were quite different, specially the filling, but they were enjoyable enough as they were.


We did some catch up about our renovation etc and it was soon 5.00pm, when they had to leave.  Being able to see our families regularly is one of the great things about living in England for us.








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