今日は、夕方からコンサートに出かける予定があったので、家で簡単なものを食べることにしました。前回バレエを観に行ったときはチチェスター の街で夕食をしましたが、どうしても早め早めに行ってしまいすごく時間が余ってしまったのです。

We were going to go out in the evening to a concert.  The last time when we went out for a ballet, we had dinner in Chichester before the show, but we ended up having too much time to kill, it’s always the case for us.  So, today, we decided to have something quick and easy at home before going out.


I read in a Japanese blog that this Korean noodle is good for Yakisoba, so we bought it the other day.  It’s sold in Sainsbury’s.  It’s a stir-fry noodle kit, which comes with noodles, sauce and seasoning but we used just the noodles.




I was planning to use the leftover half of the mixture of cut vegetables we bought on Sunday, but the cabbages were discoloured so we had to dispose it.  Now we learned our lesson, those already cut vegetable obviously go off very quickly, it’s better to buy whole (or half or whatever) vegetables.  We used what we had in the fridge – red pepper, onion, sugar snap peas, carrot and a few Brussel’s sprouts.   I tend to like firm noodles, so these are still too soft, but they were much better than the fresh noodles we bought last time- the best we’ve tried outside of Japan for Yakisoba including Hong Kong and Singapore.  We enjoyed it well enough.



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