Early supper at Joe Allen

夜はオペラのチケットを予約していました。開演は8時だったので、近くの Joe Allen で早めのディナー。セットディナーから、夫は前菜にシーザーサラダ、わたしはブラックビーンズスープ。

We had tickets booked for an opera today. It started at 8.00pm so we had an early dinner at Joe Allen. We both chose from the set dinner menu. My husband had Ceaser Salad and I had Black Bean Soup for our starters.


For the main m husband had Steak Frite. He said it was tough and dry.


I had Eggplant Parmegianna


I forgot to take a photo but we shared Blue Cheese, but it was past the best and wasn’t very nice.

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