Visiting London And Lunch At AVEDA


This morning we left a few plumbers and our interior decorator at our own home and came to London, it felt very strange! Just 5 minutes in a taxi to the closest train station and an hour and a half on a train to London. Not bad at all.


I had an appointment at a Japanese hair salon near Covent Garden so we went there and had lunch near the salon after we checked in the hotel. We went in a cafe run by AVEDA, which is well known for their salons and beauty products.

My husband had avocado toast with scrambled egg, I had Shakshuka with quinoa in and avocado on. Eggs in both dishes we’re overcooked and avocado was under-ripe but the dishes tasted good. In most cafes we’d been to serve under-ripe avocados in England so I guess English people think that is how they are supposed to be, it surprises me that avocados are still popular. I miss sticky and strong tasting avocados.

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