Chilli Con Carne

今日のディナーは、とても久しぶりのチリ・コンカーニ。多分、夫と一緒に作るのは初めてだと思います。日本でも香港でもシンガポールでも1ヶ月に1度くらいの頻度で登場していたと思いますが、最後に作ったのはシンガポールのサービスアパートメント にいるときだったので2ヶ月半以上経っています。

Today’s dinner was Chilli Con Carne.  I think this is the first time my husband and I cooked it together.  I would always cook it myself, probably as often as once a month or sometimes more, because it’s my husband’s favourite, but the last time I cooked it was in the serviced apartment in Singapore so it’s been more than 2 and a half months, and the first time to make it in England since we arrived..


However, for whatever the reason, it wasn’t very good today.  I don’t measure anything when I cook Chilli Con Carne so it doesn’t come out the same every time, sometimes I would think “Humm, not as good as usual” but my husband always said “Best ever!”.  A few things that I can think of as the causes would be that we didn’t have cumin seeds that I always use, also didn’t have coriander powder and paprika, but I don’t think these would make that much difference.  I have a feeling that the packet spice mix from Old El Paso that we use had less spices.  It is the same maker we’ve been using for the last 30 years so it seems very strange. We added the amount that the package said but I could see it wasn’t the same, so after a little while I tasted it and added quite a lot more.  I did add some cumin powder as well but it still didn’t seem to have the depth of flavour or the fragrant spices.  We must investigate it next time when we cook it.





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