今日は月曜日なので、デリバリーデー。Hello Fresh とベッドサイドテーブルのデリバリーがありました。ベッドサイドテーブルは一部(足部分のみ)組み立てが必要だったので、夫と2人(と言ってもほとんど夫)で組み立て。午後遅くからはインテリアでコレーターの方が来られ、いくつか連絡や確認があり、それで1日終わり。

It’s Monday today, so it’s a delivery day for us.  Hello Fresh came this morning, and 2 bedside tables were also delivered in the afternoon.  The bedside tables needed partially assembling (just the legs), so we (mostly my husband but I gave a little help) assembled them together.  Late afternoon, our interior coordinator came for a short meeting and the day is gone.


Today’s lunch was Instant Ramen (but good quality).  In Singapore these were available basically in most supermarkets, but here we have to order online and get delivered from London.  They are expensive for what they are and we need to order more than 100 pounds for a free delivery on Saturday (it’s free above 70 pounds but you don’t know when they come), so we cannot order so often.  Even some Japanese snacks are now precious to me!  These noodles don’t have a long shelf life so we try to eat them while we remember.


I always add some peanut butter or sesame paste and Dobanjan (Chinese chilli paste).  I also use Romain lettuce, which is nice and crispy even when cooked and is always in our fridge.  There were some coriander leaves as well today.  I don’t measure them so it’s different every time but it came out good today.  I think I added about 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and 1 teaspoon of Dobanjan.



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