Pierre Marcolini Chocolates


One of the things we bought in London – A box of chocolates fromPierre Marcolini.




It’s not as if I know a lot about chocolates and chocolatiers, in fact I probably don’t know very much comparing to a typical Japanese.  I find that in general Japanese have a lot of information about these sort of things and you hear a lot about all sort of things if you live in Japan from various sources  – but not in Hong Kong and Singapore.  However, at least, you can find high quality chocolates in Hong Kong and Singapore.  Not where we live here.  You need to go to London for this sort of thing.  I did try a few English chocolatiers but they aren’t to my liking.  My husband loves one of those English chocolates you can get in supermarkets, he is very lucky!  I prefer chocolates from Belgium, Switzerland or France.


So we bought this box of chocolates in Selfridges in London.  Each piece is very small, it would not take us very long to eat them all.


Personally, I like good old Maison du Chocolat from France, but sadly it looks like their shop in London isn’t there any longer.  Very sad.



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