Today’s Dinner And Going Away




It turned out to be a cold but quite nice day today.  We had no reason to have to go out so stayed at home.  The major renovation work for the house will start on the 24th of this month and we are going to go away while the work is being done, but we hadn’t been able to decide where.  Although I quite like Europe in winter, we didn’t know if we wanted to go to a cold place.  If we want to go somewhere warm we need to go somewhere like Asia or Caribbean or somewhere quite far by flying a long flight.  Now that we are here it seems a little too early to go back to Asia.  Now that the Corona virus is getting pretty worrying we are glad we didn’t make any plan to go to Asia, but we needed to make some sort of plan as we have less than 3 weeks.  Even though places are probably not very busy we should book hotels and flights.  So we talked about it and my husband came up with a plan today.


It’s been mainly my role to make plans for holidays up to now for 30 years because my husband was always busy with work and I quite enjoy planning, but I just could not decide where  this time – too many choices and I guess I’m not really in the mood to go on a holiday to be honest – but we need to go away.  Anyway, my husband came up with a plan as I say and his plan is to stay in the Cotswolds, Paris, Bordeaux and Vienna – seems very random!   Cotswolds because he likes the area, Paris because someone whom he used to work with in Singapore is going to be there, Bordeaux because I know someone there from Singapore and Vienna only because I said the other day, “I’ve also been wanting to visit Vienna (just as one of many places I want to go to)”.  I suppose he wanted to go somewhere not far and easy places to travel to.  I’m glad we have some sort of plan now as it’s been on my mind.



Our dinner (supper) today was very simple, cheeses, Parma ham, salami & a salad.  We bought quite a few cheeses from a specialist cheese shop in London last week so we needed to start eating them.


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