Lunch At Motte & Bailey in Arundel


I wasn’t able to sleep last night because I couldn’t stop thinking about the renovations, what we need to do etc, and finally fell asleep I guess about 6.00am, so I ended up sleeping until lunch midday – so today was very short!

Arundel で買いたいものがあったので、ランチは何度か行っているカフェの「Motte & Bailey」で、夫はツナのホットサンド、わたしはBLTのホットサンド(ベーコンはほとんど残して夫が食べていましたので、ほぼレタスとトマト)。ホットサンドだとパンがカリカリしていて、パンがパサついていても中身にあまり味がなかったりしてもそれなりに美味しくいただけるので、ホットサンドをオーダーすることが多いです。

There was something we wanted to buy in Arundel, so we went to “Motte & Bailey” for a light lunch.  My husband had tuna hot sandwich and I had BLT hot sandwich though I took most of the bacon out and my husband had it (so it was more like lettuce and tomato).  When it’s a hot sandwich, even if the bread is very dry or there isn’t much seasoning inside, the crispy texture of the bread makes it more enjoyable, so I tend to order a hot sandwich rather than a cold one.




The building you see in the middle of the hill is Arundel Cathedral



お目当てのものを買って、Pallant of Arundel でフランスパンを買って、スーパーストアーのMarks & Spencer’sでチャバタやお花やスナックなど買って戻って来たらもうお茶の時間。お茶を飲んで、アイロンがけなどしていたら、もう夕食に出かける時間でした。毎日があっという間。

We bought what we were going to buy then some French bread in Pallant of Arundel, then drove to a superstore Marks & Spencers to buy a few things including Chiabatta bread, flowers and snacks.  By the time we got back, it was already 4.00pm.  We had tea, did some ironing and before we knew it it was time to go out for dinner.  Every day seems to go by so fast!

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