Avocado Toast

今日は、のんびりな1日でした (夫は午前中はご近所さんの集まりに出ていましたが)。家の中から見ると風はまだ強いけれど青い空で気持ち良さそうだったのですが、実際出るとかなり寒いので暖かい家の中で家のことをしたりネットをして過ごしました。24日からの旅行先の下調べ中です。

We stayed home all day (my husband was at a meeting of the neighbourhood in the morning) not doing anything in particular other than some house chores.  The sky was blue and it looked like a beautiful day but it was windy and when you go out it was very cold, so we stayed indoors where it was very warm doing things like internet, reading, house chores etc.  We’ve been doing some research online of the places we’ll be staying at when we go away from the 24th.

ランチは、小さな熟れ頃のアボカドがあったので、アボカドトースト。パンは色々試して見た結果、Marks & Spencers のチャバタロールがトーストをするとカリカリになって好きかな。焼かないとパサパサしていて美味しくないのですが。

We had 2 small avocados that looked ripe so our lunch was avocado toast.  We tried a few different bakeries/supermarkets for various bread and at the moment we like Ciabatta rolls from Marks & Spencer for toasting like this.  They aren’t nice when they aren’t toasted, but when toasted they become very crunchy outside.



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