Grilled Pork (with Mustardy Lentils)

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の Grilled Pork (with Mustardy Lentils)(ポークのグリル、マスタード風味のレンティルと)でした。材料は、人参、パセリ、ニンニク、レンティル(箱入り)、ポークロースのスライス、粒マスタード、チキンストックパウダー、ほうれん草、クレームフレッシュ。

Today’s dinner was Grilled Pork (with Mustardy Lentils).  The ingredients are carrot, parsley, garlic, lentil (cooked and packed), pork loin slices, grain mustard, chicken stock powder, baby spinach, and creme fraiche.


All you do to the pork is to season it and grill for 4-5 minutes each side.  While the pork is being grilled, stir fry slices of carrot for 5 minutes or so, add crushed garlic and stir for a minute, then add water, mustard, stock powder and simmer for a further couple of minutes before adding baby spinach, creme fresh & lentils.  Very quick and easy.


We’ve used lentils at home quite often but use the dried ones and cooked them.  For this sort of dish we would normally use French Puy lentils or small brown ones from Italy.  I don’t know what sort of lentils these ones are, but they are a little softer and fuller looking.  I find lentils feel a little dry in my mouth but these are in quite a soupy sauce so they didn’t feel that dry.  Also the pork was on the dry side but the sauce helped to make it feel more moist.  The pork wasn’t gamy, either.  My husband liked this dish very much.


And these new bowls that we bought the other day are being very useful!  They were perfect for this dish because if we’d put it on plates the sauce would have gone all over and been hard to get.  I feel you often get this type of bowl in a fashionable cafe or a restaurant, but to be honest I find it hard to cut anything with a knife.  If it’s something you can eat just with a fork or a spoon it’s OK but not great when you need to use a knife and a fork.  If we cut the pork in smaller pieces it wouldn’t have looked very nice, so here we are, we struggled with a knife and a fork.





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