Dinner At The King’s Head – The Saga Of Glass Noodles

水曜日のディナーは、お友達ご夫婦とThe King’s Head でディナーをしました。

We had dinner with our friends on Wednesday at a pub “The King’s Head”.


No photos of our friends’ dinners but my husband had Chicken something. He said it was only so-so.


I ordered Glass Noodle Salad. After one bite, I looked for glass noodles but couldn’t find any. I thought ‘Can they forgot glass noodles for Glass Noodle Salad?” I kept trying to find some but there was nip noodles at all, so I asked a staff and she cane back 10 minutes later with a salad with glass noodles.

が、今度は春雨が全然戻ってないので、硬くて食べられない(涙)。glass noodleというくらいなので透明になってないといけないのに、真っ白だし、ピンピンしてるし。仕方なく、再びクレーム。こういうものd。こういうものだと言われたら(結構あるケース)他のものをオーダーするつもりでしたが、「すみません、全然茹で足りていませんでした。もう一度作り直しますが、他のものに注文を変えたいようならそれでも構いません。どちらにしても、お店持ちにさせていただきます。」と言われたので、「茹で足りていないことに同意していただけるなら、作り直して頂きたいです。」とお伝えし、作り直していただきました。

However, this time, the noodles were inedible because they were hardly cooked. Glass noodles are called so because they are clear like glasses, I presume. They need to b cooked until they are clear. These were completely white and I could hardly bend them because they were hard. So I had to claim again. I was going to order something else if they tell me this is how they should be (, which I fully expected from my experiences in some places), but they came back and told me they were sorry that they were massively undercooked and they would make the salad again or I could order something else, either way they weren’t going to charge it, so I asked them to make it again if they agree it was very undercooked.


This time it was finally OK. It was still quite al dente but just about OK. I would have like more dressing and would have preferred without those very strong raw spring onions, though. I tried to leave the green onions only but I wasn’t able to distinguish the green onions from sliced monge tout easily. English people seem to love strong raw onions and green onions, they often include them in salads, they are much too strong for me…

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