I’m finally able to upload photos as we’ve moved to London.


On the day after our friends arrived in the cottage, which was Thursday, it was forecasted to snow. It did snow a little in the morning and some stayed just on the lawns and soils but melted quickly. However it got nice and sunny after that, which was lovely.


We first went to Broadway, which is one of the popular towns in the Cotswolds. We first had coffee in a cafe, then lunch at a pub, then a little walk around. Although it was sunny, it was very windy and cold. As it’s out of season and probably also to do with the cold weather it was nice and quiet. In better season, the town gets full of tourists.

ランチは、The Swanで。わたしはフラットブレッド。夫はカマンベールのフライ。

We had lunch at the Swan. I had flatbread and my husband had fried Camembert.

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