木曜日は、ブロードウェイのあと、Bourton-on-the-Water にも行き、さくっと歩きました。こちらも人気の街。わたしと夫にとって思い出深い街で、初めて行った時に川の中に大きなクリスマスツリーが飾られていて感激したのを覚えています。小さな街の中に川が流れているのが特徴的。この冬の度々の雨で水嵩が高くて、洪水が心配です。

On Thursday, after Broadway, we also drove to Bourton-on-the-Water and walked in the town. This is also a very popular town and my husband and I came here together decades ago in the New Year and saw a large Christmas tree in the middle of the river and loved it. The river running through the middle of the small town makes it look unique. The river looked very high, I hope it won’t flood…

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