Lunch At Brasserie Blanc (London)

日曜日のランチは、Brasserie Blancに行きました。ホテルからぶらぶら歩いて15分くらいでしょうか。橋を渡ったあちら側。

On Sunday, we went to Brasserie Blanc for lunch.   It took us probably about 15 minutes to walk there slowly from the hotel.  




There was some sort of food market near the restaurant, so we had a little look and saw a lot of tasty looking food that we would have wanted to try, we could have had it for lunch instead of going to a restaurant but then it was quite cold so maybe not.





Brasserie Blancは、レイモンド・ブランさんのカジュアルなレストラン(ブラッセリー)のチェーン店で、2週間ほど前にチチェスターの支店に行きました。この日は日曜日だったので、通常メニューにローストが加わっていました。

Brasserie Blanc is one of the chain of casual restaurants of Raymond Blanc and we’d been to a few including the one in Chichester recently.  As it was a Sunday, the menu had roast as well as their usual dishes.



We didn’t have any starter, my husband had Burger and I had roast pork with all the trimmings.  The pork was quite dry as it was over-cooked but the vegetables were very tasty, so was the Yorkshire Pudding.  The gravy was also very nice.




After lunch, we walked slowly along the Thames for about an hour, then got back to the hotel.  I have a feeling I had a nap in late afternoon as I wasn’t able to sleep much on the day before.



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