Dinner At Al Hamra, A Lebanese Restaurant

ロンドン初日の昨日のディナーは、レバノン料理のレストラン、「Al Hamra」に行きました。

Yesterday, on the first day in London, we went to a Lebanese restaurant, “Al Hamra”.




I’m not very fond of main dishes in Middle-Eastern restaurants, so we ordered a few starters and just 1 main, which was Chicken Kebab.


Syrian Hummous – hummous with a lot of toppings.



Okra in tomato sauce.  It was quite different from what I was imagining, much more tomato sauce, which was very acidic, so we didn’t eat a lot of it.



Haloumi cheese.  I’m not a big fan of Haloumi cheese, I find the texture that seems quite dry not so much to my taste, but my husband loves it so we sometimes order it.



Stuffed baby aubergine.  This was also quite different from what we imagined.  The aubergines were, I guess, marinaded but seemed more like pickled, very sour.  I’m not good with sour things…



Chicken kebab was served wrapped in a very thin bread with some rice.  The chicken was nice and tender but quite salty.



We shared Baklava as a dessert.  Very sweet.  I guess they are more authentic but much sweeter than what we are used to because those we’ve had in Hong Kong and Singapore aren’t as sweet.  It had a few different types.



This huge plateful of fruits were served complimentary, which surprised us but after seeing the bill I understood why they can do this.



We had a bottle of Lebanese red wine, a bottle of sparkling water and mint tea each after the meal and the bill was 120 pounds.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if it were in Singapore but it seemed quite expensive here in a casual restaurant, but then, I guess we did order quite a few dishes, perhaps too much.  There is no photo but they give you a bowlful of raw vegetables to start with, but I wonder if they charge for it.  We cannot find the recipt for some reason so we cannot find it out.  Anyway, the food tasted OK but we probably ordered wrong things, too much acidic cold starters.

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